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St. Mary’s Church Thorpe Wedding Photography – Helene and John

On Saturday I made the relatively short trip over to Thorpe as the wedding photographer for the Surrey wedding of Helene and John.  This could actually be the shortest wedding blog I’ve ever done in theory, with a major part of the day being summed up in just two images.

This may read like more of a weather report than a wedding photographer’s blog, but my run of good luck came to an abrupt end on Saturday, and if Julie and Michael saw me as their lucky charm on Friday for their Berkshire wedding, Helene and John would have seen me as anything but some 24 hours later back in Surrey. The reception was being held in a marquee in the garden of her parent’s home nearby, so with 100 or so guests, a nice sunny garden was going to be much appreciated. However, it belted it down most of the morning and was still going by the time I arrived at the house shortly after midday. The plan was to get some bridal prep shots before some detail shots inside the marquee, then a few pictures in the garden of the bride and her bridesmaids before they set off for the church. The caterers were turning up to get everything ready at 10:30 so should have almost been done by the time I got there, so I was a bit disturbed when I saw them arriving at the same time as I did…. What with that and the weather, two of my three pre-church plans had already gone out of the window. As we were standing in the kitchen wondering how the day was going to go, Helene’s mum asked me what I do in these circumstances. ‘Panic’, I half joked…..

I felt desperately sorry for Helene, she’d picked a lovely church for her wedding which has some fantastic grounds right next door for the photography, on one of the most popular wedding dates of the year right in the heart of the so called summer. Nobody would have failed to forgive her had she decided to let it affect her mood, but there was a hugely admirable front of ‘Que sera, sera’ about her and the bridal preps were as relaxed as I’ve seen before.

By the time I arrived at the church, around 30 minutes before the service was due to start, pretty much everyone who was there was already seated. I don’t know whether this was due to the weather (the rain had actually subsided by this point) or a fine example of ushering, but I’ve never seen a congregation that organised before! The car brought the bridesmaids along, then went back for mum of the bride, then it was a final trip for the stunning bride and father of the stunning bride (the church is only a couple of minutes from the home). It appears someone somewhere must have been looking down on Helene, as the sun finally burst through just as the car came into view, so things were at least starting to look good for the bride and groom shots after the ceremony….

The last time I shot a wedding at this church there was strictly no photography allowed at all during the service (a wedding photographer’s nightmare!). A new vicar brought about a massive change in stance though and I was pretty much given a free reign which is very rare, and it at least made up for the lack of opportunities we’d had earlier in the day. Following the formalities, the new Mr & Mrs Campbell exited the church and although the sun was still with us, huge black clouds were looming….

Back at the house, it rained, the sun shone, it rained again etc. However, thankfully there were enough clear spells for me to rattle off all of the shots I’d been unable to get to that point. As everyone was out in the garden listening to the band that were playing, I even managed to get into the marquee and get the detail shots that I’d missed out on in the morning, so come 5:30 when everyone sat to eat, I managed to breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing we’d managed to turn it all around. Speeches (including a cracking best man’s speech) and first dance in the bag, I headed home with hardly a cloud to be seen. A tough day at the office in some respects for me, but despite the setbacks the whole day was really enjoyable and not once did I hear anyone moan, and there were people with far greater cause to do so than me. Helene looked fantastic throughout the day and both her and her new husband looked extremely happy together and very well matched. A lovely couple and a lovely wedding.

So, enough of my ramblings and on with the photography, feel free to comment below.

All photos taken by David Nash, wedding and portrait photographers in Surrey, London, Berkshire and Hampshire. All rights reserved.

Tom - 22 Jul ’11 - 06:42

Great blog post and super images.

Helene - 7 Oct ’11 - 15:22

A very belated thank you to David for all his hard work on our special day. For anyone looking at at his blogs making decisions on who will, photograph them, I highly recommend. We just have to decide which photos to choose for our album now!