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Ravens Ait Island Wedding Photography – Kim and Kevin


Ravens Ait Island was the venue for this particular wedding photography assignment last month, where I was pleased to be working for the excellent Kim and Kevin, as easy going a couple as you could hope to shoot a wedding for.

Proceedings started for me at the couple’s pretty swanky flat in Surbiton, where Kim was getting ready with her two bridesmaids and a glass or two of champagne.  Once the dress was on and the bride was ready to depart, I made the short journey to the banks of the Thames where I was to get the boat over to Ravens Ait.  Of course, this being a wedding day it wasn’t to be without its mishaps and the boat that would usually be used to transport guests over to the island was out of commission due to a discarded carrier bag, so they had to use a smaller vessel that could carry a maximum of six people instead.  No major problem, other than there was a queue building up and a heavy downpour of rain, so I did what anyone else would do in my position and jumped the queue and onto the boat at the very first opportunity. Things are ‘sometimes’ a little bit easier when you’re the official photographer…

Once I was safely on the island, the rain promptly stopped and the sun came out as Kim made her way down the Thames by boat from Kingston, then following the ceremony the newlyweds had use of the boat for a while so we set off in some beautiful spring sunshine only to return in some horrendous spring rain, which again soon subsided as soon as we were back on terra firma.  Then after the reception drinks it was on to the speeches which preceded the meal on this occasion.  This set of speeches included a great speech from mother of the bride and set the tone for the rest of the day.  After the meal the sweet table, which I believe was all the work of Kevin, went down an absolute treat (excuse the pun) and then the evening was kicked off in style with the first dance.

An excellent day all in all and one that I really enjoyed.  Here’s some images from the day, as per usual you’re free to leave a comment below the images or click the like/share/tweet buttons etc to share with friends.

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“We are really happy with them and its been lovely being able to look through them while on honeymoon. We showed my Sister and Brother in Law the gallery last night and they loved all of the photo’s as well, bought us all to tears again!” 

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