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Petersham Hotel Wedding Photography – Dani and James

January is usually a fairly quiet month for me as the so called ‘wedding season’ doesn’t really kick in until the spring usually, so it was nice to get a booking for some Petersham Hotel wedding photography at relatively short notice and be able to dust down the cameras for another winter wedding and kick off the year.  Without any bridal preps requested it was straight into action with James and the guests at the hotel in what was a true Anglo-Italian affair.  The day started with the guests enjoying a few pre-ceremony drinks before we all headed upstairs for the day’s main event.  Then once the nuptials had been exchanged and everything made official, the guests were able to enjoy the warmth of the hotel with a few more drinks and canapés for an hour or so (while some braved the outside terrace which has a lovely view of the Thames), before heading off to the nearby White Horse pub.

The White Horse is nicely tucked away from the busy main town centre and is nice and spacious, making it an excellent pub for a wedding venue.  The guests mingled for an hour or two before being treated to a lovely buffet, then once the food had gone down it was time for the speeches.  Once these were concluded there was time for the arrival of some more guests for the evening and then it was on to the cake cutting and the first dance, which signalled the end of a wedding that was thoroughly enjoyable to be a part of and provided a great way to start 2015.  

Here’s some images from the day.  If you’re getting married at the Petersham and would like to enquire about availability, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page.


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