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Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photography – Liz and Paul

I’ve only undertaken Pembroke Lodge wedding photography once before and have been keen to go back as it’s a lovely venue, so I was pleased to have Paul and Liz book me at relatively late notice for their wedding there last Monday.  Set within the grounds of Richmond Park where I’ve been known to spend more than enough of my spare time riding my bike, it has some stunning views from the terrace next to the Belvedere.

The day was starting with a few shots of the bridal preparations at home before I donned the waterproof poncho and walked round the corner to see Paul and his groomsmen, who were all having a few issues with the buttonholes as seems to be the norm at most weddings…  The ceremony itself was being held at Kingston registry office just around the corner, so a colourful array of umbrellas were opened up and the boys made their way there just before Liz and the bridesmaids made the even shorter walk from where they were getting ready. Breaking with tradition, Liz and Paul walked down the aisle together and within what seemed to be no time at all, they were walking back up it as husband and wife.

Back at Pembroke Lodge the weather was still doing us no favours although it had eased off a little, so we took a few pictures on the terrace before heading inside where the guests were already enjoying the welcome drinks in the dry.  Then everyone headed back down for the meal, during which time it actually started to brighten up a bit, so we took advantage of the clearer skies to get a few more pictures of the bride and groom just after the food before the guests decided to get some fresh air before the speeches.

The speeches themselves, which included an excellent best man’s speech, were preceded by a ‘pub quiz’ with the groom as quizmaster, and then the guests were treated to some lovely clear views as the sun went down in the distance.  After the cake was cut, the dancing began with the customary first dance and then it was time for me to call it a day.

Here’s some images from a thoroughly enjoyable day.  As always, please don’t be shy to comment/like/share etc.  If you’d like to enquire about availability for your wedding at Pembroke Lodge or any other venue, please get in touch via the contact form and be sure to check out my other wedding galleries and Facebook page.

“Thanks for the photos. Liz and I are so pleased with them. They’re just what we wanted.”

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