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  My third wedding at Bury Court Barn near Farnham this year, this time it was the turn of Steph and Ritchie.  I always look forward to coming back to this excellent venue and it was no different on this occasion and once again it lived up to expectations. My day started with Steph and […]

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  Another summer Saturday, another wedding.  This time it was the turn of Anna and Anthony at Greyfriars House.  Anna featured in a blog post of mine two years ago for Laura and Michael’s wedding and indeed, Laura was here again at this wedding as a bridesmaid, a pregnant one at that.  In fact there were […]

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  Another trip down the A3 to the Barn at Bury Court for Lisa and Derek’s wedding.  This is one venue I don’t think I’d ever get bored of and this was yet another excellent day there. The day all started with Lisa for the bridal preparations which were a pretty relaxed affair, albeit with a tear […]

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  A rarity for me in the form of a Sunday wedding, my second consecutive wedding following one on the Saturday.  The last time I was at Heathervale Baptist Church for Jennie and Andy’s wedding it absolutely tipped down with rain, but this time the skies stayed clear for Michelle and Rob.  Jennie and Andy were here […]

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  I’ve never had the pleasure of capturing a wedding at Frimley Hall before so was looking forward to this one, the wedding of Stacey and Paul.  Lovely sunshine greeted me in Camberley as I arrived at the venue where Paul was already feeling the nerves a bit before he’d even got ready.  No bridal […]

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Steven Carter Hewson - 15 Jul ’14 - 20:26

Fantastic set!

Rob Ward - 16 Jul ’14 - 14:31

A great set of images. I bet the bride and groom are really pleased with these.

James Crockford - 16 Jul ’14 - 15:30

Great work there Dave. Great shots that the couple will treasure.

Andy Bray - 17 Jul ’14 - 12:23

Top work showing what the X Fuji’s are capable of in the right hands.

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  Botleys Mansion weddings have always been a fantastic occasion for me and this one was no different.  Where do I start with this wedding? It had everything. Forgetting the bride and groom for just one moment, we had a McLaren MP4-12C (so my car enthusiast friends reliably inform me…), we had singing waiters, we […]

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  My 2014 wedding season got off to a fine start last weekend at this Oatlands Park Hotel wedding in Weybridge where I was lucky enough to be the photographer for Jacki and Oliver.  The clocks were due to go forward that night to mark the start of British Summer Time and although maybe not […]

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Cakes & Drapes - 8 Apr ’14 - 21:16

Some lovely photos, it looks like a very happy day! Great picture of my cake:-)

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Ordering Testosterone Cream

  The weekend before Christmas saw me do back to back weddings.  My last blog post covered the Elvetham wedding of Gemma and David, this one took place the day before and was the Great Fosters wedding of Georgina and Oliver.  The shortest day of the year was coupled with rain which made the conditions […]

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