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Oatlands Park Wedding Photographer – Daljit & Andrew

Every now and then I go to a wedding where I just want to put down the cameras and join in with the guests and this was one of them. An amazing bride, a super relaxed (after the ceremony at least) groom, a whole host of colours on show and above all, everything was within five minutes of home! This was an Indian/English wedding in another great Surrey wedding venue, with a few other nationalities thrown in for good measure and all rolled into one, and that seemed to make for an excellent combination. Quite simply, this wedding was pretty special and I was honoured to be the Oatlands Park wedding photographer for this occasion.

The bridal preparations were taking place at the bride & groom’s house in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey and I met a very relaxed Daljit there at around 10:30. The hair and make up was being done by the excellent Surrey make up artist Amy Lacey of Be Dazzling.  The dress, supplied by Love Me do Brides, went on at around midday and then I had a very quick dash down to the river where Andrew was settling his nerves at the pub. A few shots there (from me that is, not Andrew….) and it was on to the business end of proceedings and over to St Mary’s Church in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey. Unfortunately, the rules within the church were pretty strict on the photography front which is always a bit unfair on the couple I feel (especially as the wedding photographer has to sit it out while the guests are allowed to snap away!) but I was still able to capture a few pictures from the back. Then it was the short trip to Weybridge in Surrey and the Oatlands Park Hotel for reception drinks before the meal, which was preceded by some excellent speeches.

Food followed, and then it was on to the evening part of the wedding. The Indian influence started things off in spectacular fashion with a couple of drum players leading the bride and groom in to the room in style. I’ve never seen Indian drum players before but following their performance last night I can’t wait to sample some more, they were excellent. I could have quite happily have watched them all night, they only stayed for another ten minutes or so but it certainly set the tone for the night ahead. The cake cutting and first dance done, it was time for the DJ to do his stuff and the party was soon in full swing with some bhangra music, which got everyone up and moving straight away. I stayed on a while to capture the party as it was kicking off, Daljit was burning up the dance floor from the word go while Andrew decided to keep his distance, but just as I said my goodbyes he was finally coaxed onto the dancefloor so I thought it would be rude to slope off without getting the groom showing off his moves…. A few more pictures and I was done, and pretty exhausted. There’s no doubting though that this was going to be some party in the hours that followed.

A very tiring day but thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish and one of the best weddings I’ve had the pleasure of being the photographer for from the past 12 months without a doubt. Here’s a good few images from the day, feel free to comment below.


Jamie Knights - 26 Jul ’11 - 22:17

These are great pictures! I think the newlyweds will love them, looks like a fun wedding!

Tom - 27 Jul ’11 - 07:04

Great stuff David, you certainly captured a fantastic mood of the day!

David Wegwart - 3 Aug ’11 - 08:04

I have to say, reading your comment about wanting to set down your cameras and join in really hits a note after looking through these images. This has to be one of the happiest weddings I have looked at. The bride looks ecstatic in just about every shot.

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