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Great Fosters Wedding Photography – Liz and Chris

My penultimate wedding of 2012 saw me back in Egham as Liz and Chris’ Great Fosters wedding photographer.  It was a pretty cold winter’s day but the sun shone and it was a far cry from the torrential rain we’d had during the previous few days.  This wedding was booked just over a year ago and it was well worth the wait, a great venue and a great couple and a really enjoyable day throughout.

The morning started with Liz in the fountain room and was probably the most relaxed I’ve ever seen the bridal preps, with some added energy provided courtesy of her young nephew.  Nerves seemed to be a little bit more evident over in the Orangery where the wedding ceremony was taking place as Chris was kept waiting a little while (thanks to the relaxed preps being maybe a bit too relaxed…) but Liz was soon walking down the aisle and before we knew it, they were husband and wife.

The drinks were soon flowing, some magic was being added by a magician (funnily enough) and further entertainment could be found in the form of a newly formed boy band (as in, formed ten minutes prior) who were throwing some serious shapes back in the Orangery.

The meal and evening festivities were being held in the Tithe Barn and once the cutting of the cake and speeches were finished off, it was time for the DJ to do his stuff and the first dance of the evening.

Loaded up with cola bottles and flumps (for my kids, honest…) I was done for the day.  Another throughly enjoyable wedding day at Great Fosters.  I mentioned something similar with my previous wedding at Cannizaro House but what helps make a great wedding is the staff and the staff here are fantastic and have been each time I’ve visited either as a wedding photographer or a guest.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back here again in a working capacity.

The images.

So, here’s the usual rundown of the day in pictures.  As always, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment below or click the ‘like’ button and share on Facebook etc.  You can also keep updated with my work on my Facebook page so feel free to come and join me there as well.

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” The photos are wonderful. Thank you for being part of our day.”

Kelly Walkington - 4 Dec ’12 - 03:05

A great photographer makes all the difference 🙂 We have spaklers for our wedding. DAMN YOU! Guess we’ll need to do something different now eh? xxx

Pat Radley - 4 Dec ’12 - 09:26

David What a truly fabulous job you have done, the photos are fantastic, I can feel the emotion all over again, bless you xxxxxx.

Lesley Brown - 4 Dec ’12 - 20:49

Really lovely photos David,, a true professional xx.

Debra Batchelor - 4 Dec ’12 - 23:46

I am glad you had wonderful day and I love the photos xxxxxx.