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Glenmore House Weddings and the Lovekyn Chapel – Louise & Rob

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being Louise and Rob’s wedding photographer for their Surrey wedding. Two unfamiliar venues to me, the ceremony itself was being held in the Lovekyn Chapel in Kingston-upon-Thames, and the venue for the reception was Glenmore House weddings venue in Surbiton.

My day was to start with the ceremony and I made my way to Kingston while Louise was being seen to by the excellent Surrey make up artist Amy Lacey of Be Dazzling, who did such a great job of Daljit’s hair in my Oatlands Park wedding a few weeks back. After a couple of trips around the Kingston one way system, I finally found somewhere to park and got to the Lovekyn Chapel to find that Rob was over in the pub (on the orange juice, no doubt). The chapel is pretty small and intimate and has great light coming in (which instantly makes a place like this a hit with the wedding photographer, even if the guests don’t really notice!). Rob wasn’t too far behind me and then the guests started to arrive, and soon I was told that Louise had just arrived as well.

Now, anyone who knows where the chapel is situated will no there’s no parking on site, which meant a dash across the road. Any passing motorist seeing a photographer running across the road must have thought I was a ‘pap’ and wondered who I was tergeting, but I managed to get to Louise just in time to make the journey back across the road to the chapel. Rob have looked a little bit nervous before the ceremony, and Louise certainly looked like she had a touch of nerves about her as she walked down the aisle. Being a civil ceremony everything was pretty much over in a shot, then everyone piled out to the back of the chapel for a small champagne reception before heading back to the wedding reception.

I headed of back to Glenmore House before the guests to get early access to the room for some detail shots. I’d met the couple last month to go over the finer details of the day and just as I started to take notes, Louise whipped out a bit of paper with everything written down, so I knew she was super organised. She’d also said that she’d be putting her own touch to the set up for the reception rather than leaving it to the venue, so if her attention to detail was as good as to have an itinerary for me a month before the wedding, I was expecting good things with the tables. I wasn’t disappointed, as there were some great touches. The tables were film themed with quote from the films on the back, there were chocolates with some wonderfully positive messages on them and there was a great book that had been put together by some of Louise’s pupils especially for the day (how cool would it be to have been able to say you were in the Disney class?!).

A confetti shot outside and it was time for dinner, with the speeches being done beforehand. A pate starter and some chicken and potatoes for dinner (thanks to the bride and groom, it was much appreciated!), then the evening part started with the cutting of the cake and the first dance.

I left them dancing to The Beatles and other great tunes as I packed up and was amazed at how everything had gone pretty much EXACTLY to plan, which has to be a first for any wedding I’ve been to. At this point I have to mention Laura, the wedding coordinator at Glenmore House. She was brilliant throughout the day (the bride’s words, not mine, but I wholeheartedly agree) and put in as good a shift as anyone I’ve ever seen at a wedding venue. In fact, from bride and groom, to Laura, the DJ who offered to work his lighting around me, the guests and the registrars at the chapel who allowed me to do what I wanted, nothing could have gone any better, so from the wedding photographer himself, I salute you all!

I’m staying in Surrey for next week’s wedding, but in the meantime here’s the usual batch of picture from the day. Feel free to comment below, you can also follow me on Facebook as well.