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Bartholomew Barn Wedding Photography – Jo & Jamie

The only real downside to wedding photography is having to decide what to do when one of your best mates gets married.  Turn up without any camera gear and get to enjoy the rare occasion of being at a wedding as a guest, or do a favour and go armed with all your equipment?  This is the dilemma I was faced with when Jamie proposed to Jo last year, but realising I could get away with having to buy a wedding present I decided to take the latter option for their Bartholomew Barn Wedding.

As some will know, I’d already captured the wedding of the best man and bridesmaid, Louise and Brian, a few years ago where Jamie was best man.  This time Brian was returning the favour and I joined him, Jamie and the ushers for a few drinks on Jamie’s last night of freedom.

The wedding day itself started with coffee and a cooked breakfast at the Georgian Hotel in Haslemere, where Jo and her bridesmaids (with a small cameo from Jo and Jamie’s beautiful daughter Isabelle) were being taken care of by the consistently excellent Amy Lacey of Bedazzling, who yet again done a fantastic job.

Once the girls were ready it was on to the excellent Bartholomew Barn in West Sussex, where we were blessed with some lovely weather for the afternoon’s proceedings and I was able to relax a bit more than usual amongst familiar faces, and the ever so smart Milo (bride and groom’s labrador).  A little less relaxed was Jamie, still worrying about his speech, but it wasn’t long before Jo arrived and the legalities were completed.

A few drinks out in the courtyard followed with a ‘gin bar’ set up and proving very popular (with some very generous measures being had, sometimes without the use of a glass…), before the wedding breakfast which was preceded by the speeches which Jamie was very keen to get over and done with.  There was no need for the nerves though as he executed an excellent speech before he was left sweating somewhat by certain elements of the best man’s speech that followed…

Some more late afternoon drinks in the sun outside followed, and then we had an interesting bouquet toss that the boys took a bit too seriously as they employed some full on rugby lineout tactics to ensure they took the prize. The cake (cheese) cutting was then done back inside and then the first dance signalled the start of the evening fun.  Fifteen minutes later and still with my work hat on, I was finally told off by the groom and told to put the camera down, so did just that and picked up the beers instead.

Thankfully, my recommendation of entertainment was pounced upon and we had the absolute pleasure of the Ashmore Brothers providing the music all throughout the day.  Not only are they two of the nicest people you could wish to meet, they provided the pre-ceremony music, the entrance and post-ceremony music and the evening music and were superb all day.  I think it’s safe to say both bride and groom were more than delighted with them and I seriously recommend them to anyone looking for live music.

The next day I was feeling somewhat delicate but despite also feeling emotionally drained as well, I was glad that I was able to at least be of some use on the day and was also able to watch it all unfold from start to finish.

So here I give you Mr & Mrs Milbourn and some images from their day, please feel free to hit the like or share buttons or leave a comment and give my Facebook page a like if you want to stay updated.  If you’re getting married at Bartholomew Barn and would like information about my availability, please use the contact button at the top of the page to get in touch.

Hair and make up provided by Amy Lacey –
Entertainment provided by the Ashmore Brothers –
Venue Bartholomew Barn –

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