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Richmond Wedding Photographer – Darina & James

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Darina and James in South West London.  I know I seem to rave about my couples in every post, but I have been lucky in that I have been able to work for some fantastic people recently, and Darina and James are definitely within that group.  Not many people would pay for a wedding photographer and then keep apologising to them just because they wanted a few extra photos taken, but this summed up the lovely Darina who looked absolutely stunning in her amazing dress.

The first port of call for me was The Wharf Restaurant in Teddington, Middlesex.  Here I was to capture the groom and most of the congregation before boarding a boat to take us along the River Thames to the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames (or is it Surrey?), and the stunning St. Elizabeth of Portugal Catholic Church.  There was a slight concern that the bride may be there before the rest of us as the boat chugged into Teddington to pick us up some fifteen minutes behind schedule, but there wasn’t too much in the way of panic on board as the drinks flowed from the bar, and soon we were all inside the church and ready to get things going.  As a wedding photographer it’s always nice to sample something different and the breeze on deck was very welcome indeed!

Darina soon arrived and we were off and running.  I had pretty much a free run of things in the church from a photography perspective which was great, and I also had a priest who allowed photos of the register signing, so a double bonus for me!  Following the service, everyone walked back to the river and there was quite a surreal moment as a big double decker bus approached from behind and upon seeing James and Darina walking down the street, started to slow down in a bid to pull over. Cue a pretty bewildered driver when he realised he’d got the wrong bride and groom! We soon set sail up and down the Thames for an hour while everyone, well everyone other than me that is, had champagne.  We were soon back at The Wharf and before long it was time for the speeches, and following these, the band started and the evening festivities began.

It was a great day, and warm, albeit a bit cloudy.  Wedding photographers always fear rain, but when a boat is involved then that fear becomes a bit more overbearing.  We got away with it though and everyone looked like they were having a fantastic time.  Darina never stopped smiling throughout and both her and James were great to work for.

James looked a little bit tired when I was finishing up, but I’m sure the band kept things going well into the night, as well as the large Irish contingent that were over for this. As always, here’s plenty of pictures from the day (feel free to write a comment below), and they’ll also be on Facebook later today (There’s a ‘Like’ button on there, feel free to press it….)


Anna Abel - 1 Aug ’11 - 15:51

Fantastic pics. Darina looked so radiant, always smiling. Loved the setting.

Darina - 12 Sep ’11 - 10:14

My husband and I were delighted with our wedding photographs. David had a great gift of observing and capturing so many wonderful moments at the right time and in finding brilliantly unique photo opportunties. We loved his overall style which was a mixture of informal and formal style shots. During the formal shots David was very efficient and quick, allowing us to enjoy our day, without compromising the finished results. The clarity and colour of our photographs are of an oustanding quality. We would highly recommend David’s services. (Darina and James…)