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Grundisburgh Wedding Photographer – Victoria and John


It rained. The sun shone. It rained again. The sun shone again. Etc etc…..

I travelled a two hundred and fifty mile round trip to Suffolk and back for this wedding yesterday and despite the inconsistency of the weather, it was worth every mile. John had come to me as he was looking for someone working mainly as a documentary wedding photographer and liked my reportage style. Victoria and John were just about the most fantastic couple I could ever hope to work for, it was almost as though I was doing them a favour just being there they were that laid back. They were great, their parents were great, the groomsmen were great, the bridesmaids were hot (and of course, great), the guests were great. I loved everything about this wedding and the people involved in it. And to top it off, the reverend conducting the service was not only great (he gave me the best seat in the house), but he was called John Wayne. Well, it’s spelt Waine but it’s pronounced the same, how good is that?!!

It was a strange booking for me as it was the first time I’d been booked as a wedding photographer outside of my usual ‘patch’ so to speak, but I set off from Surrey not long after 8am just to be on the safe side and even had time to stop off at a Tesco just outside of Ipswich for a, shall we say rather interesting cooked breakfast, before hitting the town of Grundisburgh at around midday. Grundisburgh was a town I’d never heard of before John first emailed me, but even the sat nav managed to find it ok although it did try to take me to another church some three miles away from the one I was supposed to be at…..

A pub start (always good in my book) followed by a church wedding, then it was back to John’s mum’s house for a marquee reception. And when I say marquee, I mean marquee, this thing was huge but it was still dwarfed by the grounds in which it sat, they were that big. My eyes must have lit up even more than the kids when I saw the amount of sweets on offer at the back of the marquee. In fact, they lit up that much that I have to admit to popping the jar off the jelly rings and putting a few in my pocket when doing some of the detail shots, but thankfully none of the youngsters running around actually noticed.

As followers of my postings will know by now, I love to talk about the weather. Yesterday had a good forecast but ended up being just plain bizarre. There were clear skies all the way up from Surrey and apart from a couple of drops of rain at the pub, it remained dry until the end of the ceremony, when there were a few spots again. Then it all went a bit weird. When we all got back to the marquee, the heavens opened. Then the rain cleared, and then it started raining again. You get the gist…..

Not that anyone cared, there was a three piece musical treat playing in the marquee and everyone was more than happy mingling inside to care about what was happening outside. As the meal was fast approaching, my time was done. I’d had a great day and headed back to Surrey on a high, but not before capturing one last shot of the rainbow that had appeared in the distance.

Here’s a few from the day, they can also be found on my Facebook page, so you can go and tag yourselves if you wish (Make sure you ‘like’ the page first….). And as always, please feel free to leave a comment below.


john clarke - 7 Sep ’11 - 15:53

Dear David,

I know Victoria will add her comments to the blog, however I would like to get something off first, as I know it will be the last time i can do this.

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the photographs on our wedding day. It is one of the most important days of a couples life, and over the years you can only relive the day through the photographs that are taken on the day, and I am sure i will be looking at these in the years to come.

In our meticulous planning( well Victoria’s) photography was high on the agenda, and you did not disappoint. I have heard horror stories of other people’s wedding day, and the photographer not producing the goods, but i must say that your professionalism showed with the quality of the snapshot photographs seen on your website. I eagerly await the full portfolio.

Victoria and I love your reportage style, and it clearly shows how discrete you were through the day, as the photographs of our guests really show the general feeling of the day.

We had a throughly fantastic day- weather and all, and I am so very happy that you could record this day for Victoria and I.

To anybody else reading this comment- ” I would without hesitation recommed David to undertake your wedding photography. His reportage style is fantastic, and the quality of his work really comes to the fore”

Thank you again



Victoria’s comments to follow

Victoria Clarke - 24 Sep ’11 - 11:51

Further to John’s comments I just want to reiterate how absolutely chuffed we are with our wedding photos. ALL of our guests have been hugely complimentary of the style & quality of your work David. Mine & John’s wedding was the best day of our lives & you captured the magic perfectly. Your wedding photography is the best I’ve come across & equally important you provide a flexible service to suit individual budgets. As John said, I would recommend you in a flash to anyone looking for A-class photography to record their special occasion. Best of luck in the future David!

Rhys Wheatley - 2 Apr ’12 - 23:59

Wow wow wow! Amazing pictures all the way through (and there are allot), really high quality photography.