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Richmond Hill Hotel Wedding Photographer – Laura And Michael

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this one as I really had a good time as the Richmond Hill Hotel wedding photographer for Laura and Michael on what was the hottest day of the year.  The day started in South London at Laura’s parent’s house in Tooting, where I once again found myself working alongside the excellent Amy Lacey of Bedazzling.  I can’t stress enough how much I rate Amy as a hair and make up artist and once again she did a sterling job, and that’s not to say that Laura needed any major help too look good because she clearly didn’t, but what I was left to work with for the rest of the day was an utterly stunning bride and I’m certain nobody will disagree.

There was only a short drive to the church which was the Holy Ghost in Balham, where Michael and his groomsmen were somewhat sweltering in their three layers! Before we knew it Laura had arrived, the ceremony had been completed and the newlyweds emerged to enjoy some much appreciated ice creams from the ice cream van they’d hired.

The reception was being held at the Richmond Hill Hotel, opposite the Petersham Hotel that I was at for my previous wedding the week before.  So once again we took the opportunity to head over to a sunny Richmond Hill for some pictures before the meal (at which point I took the opportunity to change my sweat soaked shirt!), after which we had the speeches.  Now, I’ve heard a lot of emotional speeches in my time as you can imagine, yet in all the weddings I’ve covered, none have ever had me as close to cracking as Michael’s.  A little help from his wife and some encouragement from the guests saw him through it though and then it was on to the evening entertainment where Laura gave the crowd a fine display of Irish dancing before her brother and his band played a few numbers (With Laura’s dad getting involved with some superb work on the mic).  The first dance followed and my day was finished.

A really enjoyable wedding from start to finish with a great couple and their families and friends who were extremely friendly throughout.

Here’s some images from the day.  Feel free to share on Facebook by clicking the ‘Like’ button or leave a comment below, and again you can catch up with all that I’m up to over by following me on my Facebook page, so please feel free to join me there.

Tom Astley - 23 Aug ’12 - 18:12

Tremendous story telling again David, the shot of the bride in the kitchen with her veil down and the bridesmaids looking on is superb.

Laura Carrucan - 23 Aug ’12 - 20:30

Great Pictures! You have done a fabulous Job. Bride dancing is lovely- Thanks Brides mum.

Angela Stout - 23 Aug ’12 - 21:25

Great photos! I really love the one of Laura coming down the stairs; the one of her and her Dad in the car; and the one of her and Michael in the doorway with the reflection in the mirror. Looks like it was a very special day – am so sad that I missed it, but loved getting a ‘taster’ through the pics…thanks, photographers! 🙂

Thomas Sidney Parker - 23 Aug ’12 - 22:06

Stunning pictures. Laura – you look amazing and Michael scrubs up pretty well. Gutted we could not make it as would loved to have been there. Have a great honeymoon. Love you guys xx.

Genevieve Parker - 24 Aug ’12 - 07:04

Amazing photos, so sad we missed it as it looks like you had a very special day. Laura you look absolutely stunning as I knew you would and you both look very happy, have a great honeymoon xxx.

Hannah Woodhams - 24 Aug ’12 - 10:18

Amazing photos, ahhhh. I’ve just relived the day through them! Simply gorgeous!

Zita Nagy - 27 Aug ’12 - 16:11

Absolutely brilliant pictures!

Rosie Lange - 30 Aug ’12 - 23:52

Stunning pictures hunny, looks like a fairytale wedding-wishing you a long and happy future together xxx.

Sarah-Jane Allworthy - 2 Sep ’12 - 10:15

Stunning pictures for a stunning wedding! xxxx

David West - 13 Sep ’12 - 12:03

Now that’s Story telling David… incredible stuff!

Tony Fanning - 13 Sep ’12 - 16:35

Very nice wedding photography. You did a great job of capturing the little things that matter.