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London Wedding Photography – Marilyn and Marvin in Greenwich and Forest Hill


A stunning bride and one of the sharpest grooms you’ll probably see this summer set the tone yesterday as I was the wedding photographer for the London wedding of Marilyn and Marvin. The ceremony was taking place at the Seven-Day Advent Church in the London Borough of Greenwich, and via a stop off at a local park for the formals and the bride and groom portraits, it was then on to the reception at The JK Banquet Hall in Forest Hill.

Rocking a cream suit, Marvin arrived nice and early with his groomsmen and was kept waiting by Marilyn who arrived fashionably late in a cracking Bentley. If Marvin had stolen an early march on the show with his attire, he was soon to be upstaged by his beautiful wife to be as she proceeded down the aisle to greet her nervous groom. Following a service which involved plenty of music (I’ll touch more upon that later), the champagne corks were popped outside and before long the newlyweds departed the church in the Bentley, roof down of course.

At the reception, which was also in London in Forest Hill, 200 hungry guests ate and the kids played, then it was time for song and speeches. As I mentioned earlier, we had some singing in the church and it was some more of the same here, with the singing coming courtesy of the couple’s friends. Now, I’m a wedding photographer and not a record producer, but as far as guests singing at weddings go, this was pretty amazing stuff (in particular the chap that sung a number he’d written himself which blew me away).  (I’ve actually come back to edit this post at this particular point, as I’m kicking myself for not mentioning one of the highlights of the day which was the MC at the reception.  A guest on the day, and I’m annoyed at myself for not remembering his name, he was asked to do the job by the couple and I recall him telling me it was the first time he’d done it.  An absolutely sterling job was done and he literally saw proceedings through perfectly, another amazing individual performance in what was a quite incredible day of guest participation.)

Speeches next, with both fathers, mother of the bride, the bridesmaid and even the bride herself having a slice of the action, as well as the two best men and of course the groom himself. There was lots of laughter and a few tears during this part but I have to say that Marilyn pretty much topped everyone with her speech.

Cake cutting, throwing of the bouquet and the first dance, then the wedding party was in full swing and I departed while the dance floor was literally overflowing with people showing what they were made of.

Exhausted, my day was over but theirs was still nowhere near finished. A great day for a great couple, along with some of the friendliest guests I’ve encountered at a wedding.

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Tom - 1 Aug ’11 - 16:27

Fan Bloody Tastic!!!!!!

HoneyLil - 1 Aug ’11 - 17:27

I was there and I have to say you have done a fantastic job! You have captured the essence of what was really a very beautiful, romantic and enjoyable day.

Gayle - 1 Aug ’11 - 19:57

Pictures are fantastic, the couple look bril, all the guest look bril, captured the whole essence of the day

stacy - 1 Aug ’11 - 20:48

wonderful documentation of their day

Marie - 1 Aug ’11 - 20:57

A Brilliant job done! photography was excellent, loved the pictures, brought out the joy, feelings and meaning of their special day.

Mark Anderson - 2 Aug ’11 - 13:22

Nice post and great use of natural light, very tricky to get it right in bright sunshine.

Kevin Mullins - 2 Aug ’11 - 22:08

Wonderful images David. Love those “anticipation” shots of the groom.

J Anderton - 9 Aug ’11 - 08:35

Great Photography!! I like all the pictures, but the B&W are fascinating ones. You captured the photographs brilliantly.

Marvin and Marilyn - 14 Aug ’11 - 10:21

Well what can I say! You captured our day brilliantly, we were so impressed when we saw the pictures and we have been overwhelmed by the feedback that we have got from people, especially those that were unable to make the wedding. Relatives from around the world have told me that they feel like they were a part of the day by looking at the photos. You are a really talented photographer and we are glad that we chose you to capture our day.

p.s) The MC’s name is Adrian!

Mark Stapleton - 18 Aug ’11 - 18:23

Beautiful images……

elaine - 21 Aug ’11 - 19:53

Absolutely beautiful…….

Linus Moran - 22 Aug ’11 - 15:25

Great photography that really makes you feel like you were there – just love the bridal entrance photos !

Obi - 13 Sep ’11 - 22:21

lovely work, and wedding here