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Kew Gardens Wedding Photography – Kelvin and Sarah at Cambridge Cottage

Three weddings in three days, this was the first with some Kew Gardens wedding photography.  I’m always eager to get some images to the couple as soon as possible while they’re still on a high from their wedding, this one’s very image heavy as the bride and groom are going travelling in a few days until October so I wanted to be able to share a few more than normal before they go away.  In fact, travel played a huge part yesterday, Sarah and Kelvin actually met in Outer Mongolia of all places and are both well travelled.  Sarah looked absolutely stunning and completely lit up Kew Gardens in London yesterday and although the forecast was poor and I had neck ache from looking at the sky all morning, the only rain I saw was on my way to the venue as I headed out of Surrey.

Without any bridal preps it was straight into the ceremony, although I got there over an hour early to find the groom already there!  After the ceremony inside the lovely Cambridge Cottage, the sun shone for us as we were driven around the grounds in a golf buggy (as part of the wedding packages at Kew, you get a buggy for an hour for the photography!) and thankfully we were able to take advantage of some of the stunning scenery.  There was even time for some rehearsals of the first dance on the lawn by the pagoda, something I’ve never witnessed in my time as a wedding photographer before but made for some good photos all the same, part of the beauty of being a reportage photographer I guess.

So here’s some of the photography from throughout the day, as usual there will be some more added on my Facebook page as and when they’re processed (Feel free to push the ‘Like’ button while you’re there….).  Today’s wedding sees me do something completely different, again I’m praying to the weather Gods but either way this promises to be an interesting one….


Yvonne White - 10 Jun ’11 - 09:30

David, I have to say I think this is your best set yet and that is saying something as you produce the goods every time. Inspired use of the venue, tells the story and captures the shared love and enjoyment of the day. Brilliant stuff 😉

hugh miller - 10 Jun ’11 - 11:32

Nice job Dave

Tom - 10 Jun ’11 - 18:26

Excellent shoot Mr Nash! you have captured the happy couple brilliantly and produced a set they will be proud of.

stacy - 12 Jun ’11 - 20:38

I will have to say I enjoyed these photos … very nice

G Mather - 13 Jun ’11 - 12:49

Great set of photographs – love the last two!!