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Last weekend I made the trip over to Wimbledon as the Cannizaro House wedding photographer for Helen and Phil.  Although not quite a winter wedding, you’d have been forgiven for thinking we’d bypassed autumn as the temperature dropped to something a lot lower than I’ve been used to recently, and the wind provided some bitterly […]

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Tom Astley - 31 Oct ’12 - 18:52

Wow! I love the story you have brought David, capturing a fantastic set of photos and the shot of the groom and his friend outside within the window pane is superb.

Kevin Mullins - 4 Nov ’12 - 13:46

Brilliant. Just Brilliant. I love the picture of the little baby in the carrier as well as the groom greeting the guest in the church.

Chris Costello - 7 Nov ’12 - 07:22

amazing set of images, the little boy in the church.. great shot.

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this one as I really had a good time as the Richmond Hill Hotel wedding photographer for Laura and Michael on what was the hottest day of the year.  The day started in South London at Laura’s parent’s house in Tooting, where I once again found myself working alongside the […]

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Tom Astley - 23 Aug ’12 - 18:12

Tremendous story telling again David, the shot of the bride in the kitchen with her veil down and the bridesmaids looking on is superb.

Laura Carrucan - 23 Aug ’12 - 20:30

Great Pictures! You have done a fabulous Job. Bride dancing is lovely- Thanks Brides mum.

Angela Stout - 23 Aug ’12 - 21:25

Great photos! I really love the one of Laura coming down the stairs; the one of her and her Dad in the car; and the one of her and Michael in the doorway with the reflection in the mirror. Looks like it was a very special day – am so sad that I missed it, but loved getting a ‘taster’ through the pics…thanks, photographers! 🙂

Thomas Sidney Parker - 23 Aug ’12 - 22:06

Stunning pictures. Laura – you look amazing and Michael scrubs up pretty well. Gutted we could not make it as would loved to have been there. Have a great honeymoon. Love you guys xx.

Genevieve Parker - 24 Aug ’12 - 07:04

Amazing photos, so sad we missed it as it looks like you had a very special day. Laura you look absolutely stunning as I knew you would and you both look very happy, have a great honeymoon xxx.

Hannah Woodhams - 24 Aug ’12 - 10:18

Amazing photos, ahhhh. I’ve just relived the day through them! Simply gorgeous!

Zita Nagy - 27 Aug ’12 - 16:11

Absolutely brilliant pictures!

Rosie Lange - 30 Aug ’12 - 23:52

Stunning pictures hunny, looks like a fairytale wedding-wishing you a long and happy future together xxx.

Sarah-Jane Allworthy - 2 Sep ’12 - 10:15

Stunning pictures for a stunning wedding! xxxx

David West - 13 Sep ’12 - 12:03

Now that’s Story telling David… incredible stuff!

Tony Fanning - 13 Sep ’12 - 16:35

Very nice wedding photography. You did a great job of capturing the little things that matter.

A break from the norm for me recently as I headed out of my Surrey comfort zone and drove out to Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds for some Caswell House wedding photography for Becky and Dave. It was well worth the trip. On what was yet another wet morning, I started off with Becky and the girls […]

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Hugh Miller - 19 Jul ’12 - 08:41

Fantastic set David. They all work together to tell the sort of the day in such a good way, I bet they’re over the moon

Steve Shipman - 19 Jul ’12 - 13:10

Great job, Dave, nice words too!

Steven - 19 Jul ’12 - 14:05

Great work Dave, looked like a fun filled day judging by those photos. Love that silhouette shot with the light burst. Stunning.

So last weekend marked 60 years since the Queen took to the throne. More importantly, it marked the wedding day of Clare and Steve. No bridal preps for this one so it kicked off with a Richmond wedding ceremony at 1 Spring Terrace followed by a walk down to the river for the boys (the […]

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Beth Gaudereto da Silva - 12 Jul ’12 - 01:35

Impossible to be more perfect! Beautiful day!

A winter wedding in London. Well, not quite full on winter yet, but it was certainly getting pretty dark at 4pm when the ceremony started at St. Dionis Church in Putney. It was pitch black by the time we headed off for me to do my thing as the Hurlingham Club wedding photographer where the reception […]

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wedding photos - Glenn - 14 Nov ’11 - 13:20

Lovely black and white church shots

  It rained. The sun shone. It rained again. The sun shone again. Etc etc….. I travelled a two hundred and fifty mile round trip to Suffolk and back for this wedding yesterday and despite the inconsistency of the weather, it was worth every mile. John had come to me as he was looking for […]

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john clarke - 7 Sep ’11 - 15:53

Dear David,

I know Victoria will add her comments to the blog, however I would like to get something off first, as I know it will be the last time i can do this.

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the photographs on our wedding day. It is one of the most important days of a couples life, and over the years you can only relive the day through the photographs that are taken on the day, and I am sure i will be looking at these in the years to come.

In our meticulous planning( well Victoria’s) photography was high on the agenda, and you did not disappoint. I have heard horror stories of other people’s wedding day, and the photographer not producing the goods, but i must say that your professionalism showed with the quality of the snapshot photographs seen on your website. I eagerly await the full portfolio.

Victoria and I love your reportage style, and it clearly shows how discrete you were through the day, as the photographs of our guests really show the general feeling of the day.

We had a throughly fantastic day- weather and all, and I am so very happy that you could record this day for Victoria and I.

To anybody else reading this comment- ” I would without hesitation recommed David to undertake your wedding photography. His reportage style is fantastic, and the quality of his work really comes to the fore”

Thank you again



Victoria’s comments to follow

Victoria Clarke - 24 Sep ’11 - 11:51

Further to John’s comments I just want to reiterate how absolutely chuffed we are with our wedding photos. ALL of our guests have been hugely complimentary of the style & quality of your work David. Mine & John’s wedding was the best day of our lives & you captured the magic perfectly. Your wedding photography is the best I’ve come across & equally important you provide a flexible service to suit individual budgets. As John said, I would recommend you in a flash to anyone looking for A-class photography to record their special occasion. Best of luck in the future David!

Rhys Wheatley - 2 Apr ’12 - 23:59

Wow wow wow! Amazing pictures all the way through (and there are allot), really high quality photography.

  A stunning bride and one of the sharpest grooms you’ll probably see this summer set the tone yesterday as I was the wedding photographer for the London wedding of Marilyn and Marvin. The ceremony was taking place at the Seven-Day Advent Church in the London Borough of Greenwich, and via a stop off at […]

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Tom - 1 Aug ’11 - 16:27

Fan Bloody Tastic!!!!!!

HoneyLil - 1 Aug ’11 - 17:27

I was there and I have to say you have done a fantastic job! You have captured the essence of what was really a very beautiful, romantic and enjoyable day.

Gayle - 1 Aug ’11 - 19:57

Pictures are fantastic, the couple look bril, all the guest look bril, captured the whole essence of the day

stacy - 1 Aug ’11 - 20:48

wonderful documentation of their day

Marie - 1 Aug ’11 - 20:57

A Brilliant job done! photography was excellent, loved the pictures, brought out the joy, feelings and meaning of their special day.

Mark Anderson - 2 Aug ’11 - 13:22

Nice post and great use of natural light, very tricky to get it right in bright sunshine.

Kevin Mullins - 2 Aug ’11 - 22:08

Wonderful images David. Love those “anticipation” shots of the groom.

J Anderton - 9 Aug ’11 - 08:35

Great Photography!! I like all the pictures, but the B&W are fascinating ones. You captured the photographs brilliantly.

Marvin and Marilyn - 14 Aug ’11 - 10:21

Well what can I say! You captured our day brilliantly, we were so impressed when we saw the pictures and we have been overwhelmed by the feedback that we have got from people, especially those that were unable to make the wedding. Relatives from around the world have told me that they feel like they were a part of the day by looking at the photos. You are a really talented photographer and we are glad that we chose you to capture our day.

p.s) The MC’s name is Adrian!

Mark Stapleton - 18 Aug ’11 - 18:23

Beautiful images……

elaine - 21 Aug ’11 - 19:53

Absolutely beautiful…….

Linus Moran - 22 Aug ’11 - 15:25

Great photography that really makes you feel like you were there – just love the bridal entrance photos !

Obi - 13 Sep ’11 - 22:21

lovely work, and wedding here

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Darina and James in South West London.  I know I seem to rave about my couples in every post, but I have been lucky in that I have been able to work for some fantastic people recently, and Darina and James are definitely within that […]

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Anna Abel - 1 Aug ’11 - 15:51

Fantastic pics. Darina looked so radiant, always smiling. Loved the setting.

Darina - 12 Sep ’11 - 10:14

My husband and I were delighted with our wedding photographs. David had a great gift of observing and capturing so many wonderful moments at the right time and in finding brilliantly unique photo opportunties. We loved his overall style which was a mixture of informal and formal style shots. During the formal shots David was very efficient and quick, allowing us to enjoy our day, without compromising the finished results. The clarity and colour of our photographs are of an oustanding quality. We would highly recommend David’s services. (Darina and James…)

Three weddings in three days, this was the first with some Kew Gardens wedding photography.  I’m always eager to get some images to the couple as soon as possible while they’re still on a high from their wedding, this one’s very image heavy as the bride and groom are going travelling in a few days […]

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Yvonne White - 10 Jun ’11 - 09:30

David, I have to say I think this is your best set yet and that is saying something as you produce the goods every time. Inspired use of the venue, tells the story and captures the shared love and enjoyment of the day. Brilliant stuff 😉

hugh miller - 10 Jun ’11 - 11:32

Nice job Dave

Tom - 10 Jun ’11 - 18:26

Excellent shoot Mr Nash! you have captured the happy couple brilliantly and produced a set they will be proud of.

stacy - 12 Jun ’11 - 20:38

I will have to say I enjoyed these photos … very nice

G Mather - 13 Jun ’11 - 12:49

Great set of photographs – love the last two!!