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Hampshire Wedding Photography – Emma and Mark


Sunshine welcomed me in Romsey in Hampshire as I made the trip down the M3 for Emma and Mark’s wedding.

My day started with the tail end of the bridal preparations as Emma was getting into her dress while Mark was enjoying a couple of last minute beverages as a bachelor and before long Emma was being escorted down the aisle by her grandfather for the exchanging of nuptials.  Once the deal had been sealed, the guests took advantage of the superb weather with some drinks outside while we got a few images of the newlyweds in the nearby King John’s Gardens.

Two best men for this wedding proved to be a pretty decent double act for the speeches which followed a lovely speech by the bride’s grandfather, then the drinks flowed once again as Mark, like myself a keen cyclist, decided to take the tandem for a spin around the market square before the evening got underway with the usual cutting of the cake and of course the all important first dance of the evening.  Entertainment for this wedding was provided by DJ Ashley Riggs who had the crowd up and dancing in no time at all.

Once the dancing was in full swing it was time for me to pack up and head back up the motorway back to Surrey.  A great wedding with a lovely couple,and yet another beautiful day in Romsey.

I’m currently in the middle of a manic summer of weddings which seem to be coming thick and fast.  You can keep up to date with all my work by following me over on Facebook and of course there will be plenty to come on this blog in due course.

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