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Rivervale Barn Wedding Photography – Amy and Jason


It seemed like a lifetime since I was last at Rivervale Barn for Mandy and Ben’s wedding nearly three years ago, but it was great to finally be back at this fantastic venue to capture the big day of Amy and Jason.

My day started at the venue where Amy was putting the finishing touches to her preparations with her mum and bridesmaids.  Most of the preps had already taken place before they arrived so it was a pretty relaxed affair once the dress had gone on.  While the girls were chilling out, a relatively calm Jason was out in the barn greeting the guests as they arrived.

Before long it was time to get down to business and within half an hour everything was made official.  Then the newlyweds and their guests were able to have a few drinks while taking the opportunity to use the superb courtyard that the barn has to offer at the rear.

Soon it was time for the wedding breakfast in the very well prepared and spacious barn.  Once everyone was suitably fed and watered (the food here is superb by the way), it was time for the speeches and then onto the formalities of the cake cutting before the first dance, which signalled the start of the evening proceedings.  The party was soon in full flow as my day came to an end, I thoroughly enjoyed this wedding and it was a pleasure to be a part of.  The coordination of the day was spot on as well, so hats off to all the staff.

Here’s some of the images from the day, feel free to like or share on social media and if you’re looking at getting married at Rivervale Barn or would just like to enquire as to my availability, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Rivervale Barn Wedding-1Rivervale Barn Wedding-2Rivervale Barn Wedding-3Rivervale Barn Wedding-4Rivervale Barn Wedding-5Rivervale Barn Wedding-6Rivervale Barn Wedding-7Rivervale Barn Wedding-8Rivervale Barn Wedding-9Rivervale Barn Wedding-10Rivervale Barn Wedding-11Rivervale Barn Wedding-12Rivervale Barn Wedding-13Rivervale Barn Wedding-14Rivervale Barn Wedding-15Rivervale Barn Wedding-16Rivervale Barn Wedding-17Rivervale Barn Wedding-18Rivervale Barn Wedding-19Rivervale Barn Wedding-20Rivervale Barn Wedding-21Rivervale Barn Wedding-22Rivervale Barn Wedding-23Rivervale Barn Wedding-24Rivervale Barn Wedding-25Rivervale Barn Wedding-26Rivervale Barn Wedding-27Rivervale Barn Wedding-28Rivervale Barn Wedding-29Rivervale Barn Wedding-30Rivervale Barn Wedding-31Rivervale Barn Wedding-32Rivervale Barn Wedding-33Rivervale Barn Wedding-34Rivervale Barn Wedding-35Rivervale Barn Wedding-36Rivervale Barn Wedding-37Rivervale Barn Wedding-38Rivervale Barn Wedding-39Rivervale Barn Wedding-40Rivervale Barn Wedding-41Rivervale Barn Wedding-42Rivervale Barn Wedding-43Rivervale Barn Wedding-44Rivervale Barn Wedding-45Rivervale Barn Wedding-46Rivervale Barn Wedding-47Rivervale Barn Wedding-48Rivervale Barn Wedding-49Rivervale Barn Wedding-50Rivervale Barn Wedding-51Rivervale Barn Wedding-52Rivervale Barn Wedding-53Rivervale Barn Wedding-54Rivervale Barn Wedding-55Rivervale Barn Wedding-56Rivervale Barn Wedding-57Rivervale Barn Wedding-58Rivervale Barn Wedding-59Rivervale Barn Wedding-60Rivervale Barn Wedding-61Rivervale Barn Wedding-62Rivervale Barn Wedding-63Rivervale Barn Wedding-64Rivervale Barn Wedding-65Rivervale Barn Wedding-66Rivervale Barn Wedding-67Rivervale Barn Wedding-68Rivervale Barn Wedding-69Rivervale Barn Wedding-70Rivervale Barn Wedding-71Rivervale Barn Wedding-73Rivervale Barn Wedding-74Rivervale Barn Wedding-75Rivervale Barn Wedding-76Rivervale Barn Wedding-77Rivervale Barn Wedding-78Rivervale Barn Wedding-79Rivervale Barn Wedding-80Rivervale Barn Wedding-81Rivervale Barn Wedding-82Rivervale Barn Wedding-83Rivervale Barn Wedding-84Rivervale Barn Wedding-85Rivervale Barn Wedding-86Rivervale Barn Wedding-87Rivervale Barn Wedding-88Rivervale Barn Wedding-89Rivervale Barn Wedding-90Rivervale Barn Wedding-91Rivervale Barn Wedding-92Rivervale Barn Wedding-93Rivervale Barn Wedding-94Rivervale Barn Wedding-95Rivervale Barn Wedding-96Rivervale Barn Wedding-97Rivervale Barn Wedding-98Rivervale Barn Wedding-99Rivervale Barn Wedding-100Rivervale Barn Wedding-101Rivervale Barn Wedding-102Rivervale Barn Wedding-103Rivervale Barn Wedding-104Rivervale Barn Wedding-105Rivervale Barn Wedding-106Rivervale Barn Wedding-107Rivervale Barn Wedding-108Rivervale Barn Wedding-109Rivervale Barn Wedding-110Rivervale Barn Wedding-111Rivervale Barn Wedding-112Rivervale Barn Wedding-113Rivervale Barn Wedding-114Rivervale Barn Wedding-115Rivervale Barn Wedding-116Rivervale Barn Wedding-117Rivervale Barn Wedding-118Rivervale Barn Wedding-119Rivervale Barn Wedding-120Rivervale Barn Wedding-121Rivervale Barn Wedding-122Rivervale Barn Wedding-123Rivervale Barn Wedding-124Rivervale Barn Wedding-125Rivervale Barn Wedding-126Rivervale Barn Wedding-127Rivervale Barn Wedding-128Rivervale Barn Wedding-129Rivervale Barn Wedding-130Rivervale Barn Wedding-131Rivervale Barn Wedding-132Rivervale Barn Wedding-133Rivervale Barn Wedding-134

Mark Twiselton - 25 May ’15 - 19:46

They have just GOT TO BE the best wedding photos I have ever seen! Bear in mind that I am used to only ever seeing Amy freezing to death at the edge of a muddy football pitch so these were quite a shock – good luck to you both. And Jason, I have no doubt that your Dad would have been immensely proud of you. I am and I am just the Dad of one of your mates!