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Oakley Hall Wedding Photography – San and Bill

They apparently say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, well if that’s the case then San and Bill are made for life after the weather they had yesterday.  A wet Tuesday in August would usually be spent in front of a monitor editing a wedding, but yesterday I made my way down a soggy M3 to Hampshire to undertake the Oakley Hall wedding photography for San and Bill.  The forecast hadn’t looked good since Friday and despite a nice warm day on Monday, the heavens opened in style in the morning and made for interesting driving conditions to say the least.  Bill had first contacted me as he was looking for a reportage wedding photographer and I was there for the full day, starting with San getting ready in the bridal suite.

I see some nervous brides in the build up to the ceremony as you’d expect, but San was looking about as nervous as I’d ever seen anyone when I first got there.  The champagne that was flowing probably helped calm the nerves though and before too long the dress and veil were on and it was time for the business end of things. If Bill was nervous then he wasn’t showing it as he looked pretty relaxed in the library room where the ceremonies are held, and before we knew it San and Bill were leaving the room as man and wife.

After dinner it was time for the speeches. I guess that wedding photographers could be forgiven for wearing headphones during the speeches, there was sweepstake organised by the toastmaster ensured a lengthy best man’s speech, but it was a speech that actually made me unable to take any pictures at times because I was laughing too much. Unfortunately for him, his timing’s were a bit out and he never won the sweepstake….

Cutting of the cake followed by the first dance and there was just enough time to get a picture of the hog roast (the rain had stopped again by this point), the smell of which made me want to stick around for another hour. But instead, it was a drive back to a still rainy Surrey after a long day. All credit to San and Bill for not moaning about the weather and just getting on with it, it certainly didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits during what was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Only a couple more days and then I’m back to Basingstoke as the wedding photographer for Eleanor and Rob.

As usual, some of the pictures from yesterday are up on my Facebook page if you want to tag yourselves etc, but here’s a few from the day. Feel free to comment below.