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So it was back to the serious action on Saturday as I headed to Wokingham for some Easthampstead Park wedding photography for Carol and Adam’s wedding.  This was my first wedding of 2012 and I couldn’t have picked a better day with it on what was probably the hottest day of the year so far.  I […]

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Stacy Browne - 26 Mar ’12 - 16:33

Beautiful pictures.

Tom Astley - 26 Mar ’12 - 17:34

Great set of wedding imagery there Mr Nash, the happy couple will be overjoyed by these.

Gareth Heesom - 26 Mar ’12 - 18:03

Beautiful set of images, David.

greg thurtle - 3 Apr ’12 - 18:49

what a lovely day!
I love the silhouetted ones at the end lit with flash! top job!

Pete Burkwood - 4 Apr ’12 - 19:00

Lovely start to the wedding season David, especially like the shot of the Orange Calla Lillies. They were our flowers at our wedding, would have loved a shot like that!


Phil Nunez - 5 Apr ’12 - 00:09

Great work Dave, yip the silhouettes are nicely done.

Fernando Colaço - 7 Apr ’12 - 11:01

Great story, David. We can stay up to date and feel the day. Great photos. Congrats.

John Starns - 9 Apr ’12 - 10:13

Lovely collection of images David, great work!

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Testosterone Cypionate Mastercard

Another day of sun for yesterday’s wedding, that’s all you can ask for really. Well, that and an amazingly laid back bride and groom, a great venue, an accommodating vicar and great guests. I had it all yesterday as I travelled over to Berkshire as the Monkey Island wedding photographer for the the stunning Julie […]

Testosterone Order Online

Yvonne - 16 Jul ’11 - 08:32

Excellent work as always David, you really have developed a very personal style and I think Julie & Michael will be thrilled to bits with these pictures.

Tom - 16 Jul ’11 - 08:33

Cracking wedding photography, the happy couple will be most pleased.

Cris - 15 Nov ’11 - 02:54

Excellent work as always David, you really have developed a very personal style and I think Julie & Michael will be thrilled to bits with these pictures.