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Shortly before Christmas I had the pleasure of travelling to another Bijou venue to undertake the Silchester House wedding photography for Ceri and Gareth.  Silchester House which was a new location for me, having previously attended weddings at Botleys Mansion and Cain Manor, two of the other Bijou chain. A lovely sunny winter’s day greeted me […]

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  If ever there was a hint that summer was a thing of the past and autumn had well and truly kicked in, it was evident when I was the Royal Berkshire Hotel wedding photographer for Kelly and Daniel in late October.  Overcast and raining, the weather certainly didn’t dampen the spirits for this particular […]

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My first Wotton House wedding and what a day it was for Sherrie and Michael’s wedding back in September.  The day started off with Sherrie and the bridal preparations with their six (yes, six!) daughters who were also bridesmaids, and I was very surprised at how relaxed and laid back everything was. The wedding ceremony was […]

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  A trip back to July and the wedding of Laura and Alastair in Woldingham in Surrey.  My day started with the ceremony which was being held at St. Paul’s church with St. Agatha in Woldingham village and a pretty nervous looking groom. Following the ceremony the newlyweds and their guests were treated to ice […]

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  My third wedding at Bury Court Barn near Farnham this year, this time it was the turn of Steph and Ritchie.  I always look forward to coming back to this excellent venue and it was no different on this occasion and once again it lived up to expectations. My day started with Steph and […]

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  Another summer Saturday, another wedding.  This time it was the turn of Anna and Anthony at Greyfriars House.  Anna featured in a blog post of mine two years ago for Laura and Michael’s wedding and indeed, Laura was here again at this wedding as a bridesmaid, a pregnant one at that.  In fact there were […]

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  Another trip down the A3 to the Barn at Bury Court for Lisa and Derek’s wedding.  This is one venue I don’t think I’d ever get bored of and this was yet another excellent day there. The day all started with Lisa for the bridal preparations which were a pretty relaxed affair, albeit with a tear […]

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  A rarity for me in the form of a Sunday wedding, my second consecutive wedding following one on the Saturday.  The last time I was at Heathervale Baptist Church for Jennie and Andy’s wedding it absolutely tipped down with rain, but this time the skies stayed clear for Michelle and Rob.  Jennie and Andy were here […]

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