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Another one of my favourite wedding images.  No faces this time, just the power of touch.  This particular image was taken last year, just following the bride’s entrance and walk down the aisle.  All focus on this point is on the bride, sometimes with a though spared for the groom.  However, the one person who often gets overlooked at this particular time is the father of the bride.  Maybe it’s because I see so many weddings and because I have a young daughter who will one day hopefully make that same walk down the aisle with me alongside her that I get a bit sentimental, but this is a huge moment for the father of the bride as he leads his daughter down the aisle to hand her over to her new husband, and in most cases to leave the family name behind.

This particular part of this wedding followed the pattern of many others, with dad happily beaming with pride as he walked his daughter down the aisle.  However, on this particular occasion something different caught my eye just after the bride turned to the man she was about to marry.  I always try to stand on the groom’s side if possible during the ceremony as I’m sure most other wedding photographers do, after all the bride tends to be a lot prettier than the groom so capturing her tends to make for better images throughout the ceremony…  But as the bride turned away from dad on this occasion, she reached back and grabbed his hand, as though to reassure him that she may be getting married but she’ll always be his little girl.  Maybe she’d realised he was looking a bit emotional but either way I thought it was a lovely touch.

I literally had about five seconds in which to capture the moment and I’m so glad I managed to get down and get it within that time.  I knew as soon as I’d got it that I had a great storytelling shot in the bag.

Again, for the photographers out there this was taken on my old D700 and the 85mm f/1.4 D lens (since upgraded to the G) at f/2, 1/125 and ISO4000.