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The Processional – The Groom


With pretty much all weddings, it’s the bride gets all of the attention as she comes down the aisle.  You’ve all seen it and some have probably done it, the phones and iPads come out and everyone tries to get a shot of the bride on her way to the alter. It’s pretty much just the photographer that gets to see the groom as he waits for what must seem like a lifetime and for a few moments he’s a completely forgotten man.  There’s two stories to be told during these few moments so whenever possible I always try and capture both sides of the equation.  My main focus is obviously the bride, but I always keep half an eye on the groom and if I sense a good shot, I’ll try and get one of the groom as well.

Some grooms like to turn around and watch their bride come down the aisle (which I did myself I might add) but for those that haven’t, I’ve managed to get some great shots at this point in the past.  This one in particular is one of favourites as it doesn’t show nerves as such, but a fairly calm looking Bill with a wry smile on his face.  Only he knows what he was thinking at this point but I think it made for a great expression.  This shot was taken at an Oakley Hall wedding in Basingstoke back in 2011.

Technical details for this, a D700 with 35mm f/1.4 at f/1.6, 1/320 at ISO 1600.