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The Final Moments

Following on from my previous ‘Insights’ post regarding pre-wedding nerves during bridal preps, for this next installment I thought I’d stick to the same sort of theme but fast forward a bit through to the wedding ceremony.  This is the main event, the moment every little girl dreams of as she’s about to walk down the aisle to finally get married.  Most of the planning for the previous few months may have mainly be focused around the wedding reception but this is what it’s all about.

This particular moment is about as nerve-wracking as it gets and isn’t always something I manage to capture on camera.  Usually at this point I’d be down the other end of the alter awaiting the bride’s entrance and trying to grab a few shots of a nervous groom, but on this particular day I was asked to stay at the other end of the aisle so wasn’t able to get the bride walking down.  Instead, I managed to document this part of the day in a slightly different manner as the bride was waiting at the doors before making her entrance.

This is one of my favourite images, taken back in 2011 at a Surrey wedding.  To me it says everything about how a bride must feel at this particular moment.  Head bowed, nerves if not fear written all over her face before she takes the most important walk of her life.  And next to her she has dad, giving her some reassuring words before he gives away her hand.  I love it.  Whatever he said must have worked as the frame after this one they were both laughing, but it goes to show how one single shot can say so much and it’s why I love being a wedding photographer.

For the photographers amongst us, this image was taken with my old trusty and now retired D700/85mm f/1.4 D combo at f/1.8, with a shutter speed of 1/1250.