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My penultimate wedding of 2012 saw me back in Egham as Liz and Chris’ Great Fosters wedding photographer.  It was a pretty cold winter’s day but the sun shone and it was a far cry from the torrential rain we’d had during the previous few days.  This wedding was booked just over a year ago […]

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Kelly Walkington - 4 Dec ’12 - 03:05

A great photographer makes all the difference 🙂 We have spaklers for our wedding. DAMN YOU! Guess we’ll need to do something different now eh? xxx

Pat Radley - 4 Dec ’12 - 09:26

David What a truly fabulous job you have done, the photos are fantastic, I can feel the emotion all over again, bless you xxxxxx.

Lesley Brown - 4 Dec ’12 - 20:49

Really lovely photos David,, a true professional xx.

Debra Batchelor - 4 Dec ’12 - 23:46

I am glad you had wonderful day and I love the photos xxxxxx.

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Last week I was lucky enough to be the Great Fosters weddings photographer for Louise and Chris.  The wedding ceremony was due to take place outside and would have been my first outside ceremony, but alas the heavens opened yet again and the rain was torrential by the time I got there. On the flip side […]

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Rob Dunning - 19 Jun ’12 - 17:47

An amazing set of photos Dave … I love the one of ‘mum’ opening the champers, and it felt like I was there looking at the speeches.

Louise & Chris must be ecstatic with them.

greg thurtle - 19 Jun ’12 - 17:58

Great photos Dave – lovely details – the shoes one the window with the light streaming in is ace! Nice job!

Matt Fryer - 19 Jun ’12 - 21:39

Lovely set of of images mate, loving the second last last shot, nice moment captured well. Cracking looking venue too.

Clare West - 20 Jun ’12 - 02:35

Great photos 🙂 really love the two black and white shots with the cake in at the end.

Jon Saunders - 24 Jun ’12 - 17:52

Lost for words and stunned!! David, these photos show you to be the genius that you are with a camera in your hand. I’m blown away *again*. Awe-inspiring is the right word.

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I was delighted to be contacted by the lovely Lou over at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings shortly after I blogged Caroline and Mark’s Surrey wedding back in June, asking if she could feature it on her popular UK wedding blog. WWW is ranked seven in the top 100 UK wedding blogs and with over 1,200 Facebook […]

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Yesterday I was lucky enough to be the documentary wedding photographer for Mark and Caroline at Weybridge Register Office in Surrey, on what was a VERY hot, but a very fun day. This was as relaxed a wedding as I’ll probably ever get to do – both Mark and Caroline got ready at home together, […]

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Tom - 5 Jun ’11 - 07:31

Lovely stuff David, the detail shots are fantastic.

Agnes - 6 Jun ’11 - 22:04

Truly beautiful pictures, wow!

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  Great Fosters in Egham, Surrey is a stunning 16th century mansion and is a Grade I listed building. A 4* hotel, it gives couples around fifty acres of beautiful gardens which give endless opportunities for wedding photography. Great Fosters is licenced to hold both civil ceremonies and civil partnerships and can cater for small […]

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