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The last weddings of the summer season and the final double header of the year for me this weekend. The first saw me back in familiar surroundings as the wedding photographer for Alison and Lea’s Surrey wedding yesterday. The ceremony was being held in St. Mary’s church in Thorpe, the third occasion I’ve been the […]

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Alison Reynolds - 26 Sep ’11 - 11:49

Just to say thanks to David for some fantastic wedding photos. We love every single picture on the blog and I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Me and Lea had such a wonderful day and we are thrilled to have it captured so well. Thank you!

Tom Astley - 28 Sep ’11 - 20:11

Another superb set of images, Surrey must be proud to have you.

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Cheapest Testosterone Booster

On Saturday I made the relatively short trip over to Thorpe as the wedding photographer for the Surrey wedding of Helene and John.  This could actually be the shortest wedding blog I’ve ever done in theory, with a major part of the day being summed up in just two images. This may read like more […]

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Tom - 22 Jul ’11 - 06:42

Great blog post and super images.

Helene - 7 Oct ’11 - 15:22

A very belated thank you to David for all his hard work on our special day. For anyone looking at at his blogs making decisions on who will, photograph them, I highly recommend. We just have to decide which photos to choose for our album now!