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  My 2014 wedding season got off to a fine start last weekend at this Oatlands Park Hotel wedding in Weybridge where I was lucky enough to be the photographer for Jacki and Oliver.  The clocks were due to go forward that night to mark the start of British Summer Time and although maybe not […]

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Cakes & Drapes - 8 Apr ’14 - 21:16

Some lovely photos, it looks like a very happy day! Great picture of my cake:-)

I’ve been wanting to shout about this for months (some of you may have already seen me shouting about it on my Facebook page), and now I finally can!  Back in the summer I was contacted by the very popular ‘Your Surrey Wedding’ magazine (part of the County Weddings Magazine who have publications all over […]

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Baadier Sydow - 9 Dec ’11 - 00:52

The photo’s are really beautiful David. Great work!

Every now and then I go to a wedding where I just want to put down the cameras and join in with the guests and this was one of them. An amazing bride, a super relaxed (after the ceremony at least) groom, a whole host of colours on show and above all, everything was within […]

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Jamie Knights - 26 Jul ’11 - 22:17

These are great pictures! I think the newlyweds will love them, looks like a fun wedding!

Tom - 27 Jul ’11 - 07:04

Great stuff David, you certainly captured a fantastic mood of the day!

David Wegwart - 3 Aug ’11 - 08:04

I have to say, reading your comment about wanting to set down your cameras and join in really hits a note after looking through these images. This has to be one of the happiest weddings I have looked at. The bride looks ecstatic in just about every shot.

Daljit & Andrew's Cultural Mauritian & Indian Sikh Wedding | Photography 1827 - 9 Aug ’11 - 09:07

[…] many wonderful details about their day. Thanks also to their photographer David Nash, you can see more images from this wedding on David’s […]