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  Great Fosters in Egham, Surrey is a stunning 16th century mansion and is a Grade I listed building. A 4* hotel, it gives couples around fifty acres of beautiful gardens which give endless opportunities for wedding photography. Great Fosters is licenced to hold both civil ceremonies and civil partnerships and can cater for small […]

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  The Rylston suite at Weybridge Register office is very popular for civil cermonies. With chandelier lighting and a large bay window, it provides a nice bright arena for weddings. At the back of the building there’s a well kept garden which provides a nice backdrop for wedding photography. You can see an example of […]

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  Horsley Towers dates back to 1820 and makes for a fantastic and truly stunning wedding venue. In East Horsley, Surrey, it gives a wide range of opportunities for your wedding photography including a beautiful lake and an old disused chapel. You can see examples of my previous work as a wedding photographer at Horsley Park […]

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