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Wentworth Golf Club Wedding Photography – Neema and Rich

Golf was a huge theme of the day as I was asked to carry out the Wentworth Golf Club wedding photography for Neema and Rich on what proved to be a lovely day, despite the threats of rain showers.

Both bride and groom were getting ready at the nearby Royal Berkshire Hotel, where I’d been just a few months previously for the wedding of Kelly and Daniel and my day started just as Neema was having getting ready with  the bridal party.  Downstairs a nervous looking Rich was suited and booted and ready to head off to Wentworth with his best man, who was on crutches due to an unfortunate accident not long before the wedding, before Neema made her way there a short while after to put the dress on and put the finishing touches to her preparations while Rich was made to wait in the ceremony room, at this point looking a tad more nervous than he was earlier in the day…

The wait was soon over and in what seemed to be no time at all, they could both breathe a sigh of relief as they emerged as man and wife.  Drinks were had out on the terrace with the putting greens and lake providing a seriously good backdrop, with all the preparations for the annual PGA Championship very evident all around.  Dinner was soon called and following the speeches it was time to cut the cake and then on to the first dance, after which the guests were getting heavily involved in some crazy golf and the sweet table…

A fantastic day, here’s some of the images.

If you’re getting married at Wentworth and would like to get in touch, please use the contact form at the top of the page.  As always, you can also keep up to date with my latest work over on my Facebook page.

“Thank you so much for the pictures, They’re so great! You did a fantastic job of capturing our day! Thank you again for the amazing work; they’re pictures that we’ll treasure forever and we definitely will struggle to pick the best ones to put up in our place: there’s so many wonderful options!


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