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Barn at Bury Court Wedding Photography – Lisa and Derek


Another trip down the A3 to the Barn at Bury Court for Lisa and Derek’s wedding.  This is one venue I don’t think I’d ever get bored of and this was yet another excellent day there.

The day all started with Lisa for the bridal preparations which were a pretty relaxed affair, albeit with a tear or two shed along the way.  They were so relaxed in fact that all concept of time was lost and unbeknown to the bridal party, a nervous looking Derek was had been waiting for about half an hour!  Any concerns that Lisa might be having second thoughts were soon put to bed though and the ceremony got under way and were followed by drinks in the beautiful gardens that the barn has to offer.

Another fine summer’s afternoon meant the guests could enjoy some sunshine with their drinks before heading in for the wedding breakfast.  After the speeches it was on to the evening entertainment which as always kicked off with the first dance and that capped the end of a superb day with a truly great couple.  It was an absolute pleasure to shoot their wedding for them and thoroughly enjoyable.

So here’s a selection of images from the day.  Please feel free to like, share or comment below and if you’re not already following it, don’t forget I also have a Facebook business page that’s kept up to date with all my latest goings on.

If you’re getting married at the Barn at Bury Court then please feel free to use the contact page to check my availability, and keep your eyes tuned to this blog as there will be another wedding from the barn up shortly.

“Pictures are fantastic, so pleased with them!!  We really appreciate all that you did for us.”

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