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Petersham Hotel weddings are always a great occasion.  And if Carlsberg made couples, they’d all be like Jenny and Richard.  Although I was only needed for a few hours to cover the ceremony, a few shots of the couple and their two boys, and the speeches before they sat down to eat, it was three […]

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Paul Andrews - 27 Aug ’12 - 11:57

Lovely work Dave. Some great ones of the children. Well done 🙂

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Cheapest Testosterone Medication

A break from the norm for me recently as I headed out of my Surrey comfort zone and drove out to Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds for some Caswell House wedding photography for Becky and Dave. It was well worth the trip. On what was yet another wet morning, I started off with Becky and the girls […]

Cheapest Testosterone Enanthate

Hugh Miller - 19 Jul ’12 - 08:41

Fantastic set David. They all work together to tell the sort of the day in such a good way, I bet they’re over the moon

Steve Shipman - 19 Jul ’12 - 13:10

Great job, Dave, nice words too!

Steven - 19 Jul ’12 - 14:05

Great work Dave, looked like a fun filled day judging by those photos. Love that silhouette shot with the light burst. Stunning.

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Testosterone Order Online

Now that the mad rush of June weddings is behind me, I’ve had a chance to catch up with Jamie Reeves, the main man behind the Singing Waiters. You may recall I raved about these guys after witnessing them first hand at Louise and Brian’s Barn at Bury Court wedding last month and I knew […]

Testosterone Order Canada

Tom Chocolat Patrick - 13 Jul ’12 - 23:01

Hes a looker, not as good as the other one though ;).

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Order Testosterone Cypionate

This assignment was as the Loseley Park wedding photographer for the ridiculously laid back Claire and Derek on what felt like the hottest day of the year so far. The day started down in Hampshire at Claire’s parent’s house where the bride to be was getting ready with her bridesmaids and before long the champagne corks […]

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Chris Legg - 10 Jul ’12 - 22:06

Really lovely work Dave, they must be delighted!

Hugh Miller - 11 Jul ’12 - 08:38

Stunning stuff as ever Dave. They must be over the moon

Tom Astley - 11 Jul ’12 - 08:39

Another successful day out of the office David, super story telling.

Gareth - 11 Jul ’12 - 09:30

What a wonderful wedding, you’ve done a great job here, David. Lot’s of beautiful shots.

Samantha Jones - 11 Jul ’12 - 10:41

So many smiles in this post – what a lovely storytelling style and you’ve captured the celebrations perfectly. The detail shots are also wonderful and will serve as a reminder to the bride and groom as they look back at their album. Great job!

Andy Rapkins - 11 Jul ’12 - 15:06

These are stunning Dave. I was at Loseley Park a couple of weeks ago – beautiful venue. I love the grounds there.

The abbey doors look amazing! Lots of lovely moments. Top work.

Tony Fanning - 16 Jul ’12 - 21:11

Really great set of images David. What a great “feel” to the wedding and the processing is spot on.

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Order Testosterone Pills

A double header of barn weddings. The day after I was at the Barn at Bury Court, I was over the border into Hampshire to capture some Rivervale Barn wedding photography for Mandy and Ben.  I was hoping this wedding would top off a great weekend and it didn’t disappoint.  A great couple and a lovely venue. […]

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Andy Rapkins - 5 Jul ’12 - 11:14

Great venue and cracking set of images Dave. I love the punchy colours outdoors – particularly in that flower shot which just jumps out. Looks like a really cool place and these are a great record of the day.

Stuart Reid - 5 Jul ’12 - 15:28

Great set of images Dave, Love the rim light shot of the couple in the dark.

Guy Collier - 10 Jul ’12 - 14:27

Excellent set Dave. Really strong coverage and a proper story of the day.

Tony Fanning - 16 Jul ’12 - 21:00

Super wedding photography David. I love the shots of the man in the wheelchair looking through the door at the bride. Priceless! Great job.

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Purchasing Testosterone Enanthate

A few weeks ago I was the Gorse Hill wedding photographer for Emma and Chris in Woking. They booked me over a year ago and were on the blog a short while after with their engagement session at Painshill Park. The day started at the hotel for the bridal preparations where Emma was getting ready […]

Purchasing Testosterone Gel

Wedding DJ Surrey - Jon Saunders - 3 Jul ’12 - 12:47

Tremendous stuff! Some great moments there. I love waiting for your new blog posts, David!

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This past weekend I was lucky enough to be Louise and Brian’s Barn at Bury Court wedding photographer in Farnham, Surrey. I guess in a way it’s lucky the wedding even went ahead, given that Louise had the misfortune to find herself in a rowing boat with me in the middle of the Thames one […]

Testosterone Online Prescription

Wedding DJ Surrey - Jon Saunders - 25 Jun ’12 - 18:10

Incredible…………AGAIN! One thing is certain, if I ever get married its already been decided who my photographer will be! Amazing shots chap, and I loved the one of the Bride clenching her friends bum!

David Nash Photography - 25 Jun ’12 - 18:27

Thanks again Jon! I’ve been very lucky with some great venues and great couples recently, they make my job a lot easier!

Kimberley Green - 25 Jun ’12 - 20:12

Amazing photos that captured so many special moments and fabulous little details that the beautiful Mrs Louise Lawry put into the day! : )

Rob Dunning - 25 Jun ’12 - 21:25

Wowzerz … What a set of images! Louise looks stunning and by the look on Brian’s face in the pictures he obviously realises he’s a very lucky man.

Everyone looks so relaxed and having a magnificent time. Brilliant work Dave.

David Nash Photography - 26 Jun ’12 - 07:41

Thanks Kimberley, it was a very good day.

Claire Kelly - 26 Jun ’12 - 09:54

wow – these are truley amazing photos , we are friends of Brians that live in Australia and so sadly we couldn’t be there for the wedding but just looking through these photos made us feel that bit closer!

Fiona Jones - 26 Jun ’12 - 16:35

Wow, they are fantastic photos – wish we’d had him as our wedding photographer! A great day and great memories. xxx

Suzy Shires - 26 Jun ’12 - 18:27

Awesome pics- a wonderful momento of just the most perfect day! xx

Michelle Beattie - 26 Jun ’12 - 19:13

They are fantastic pictures of your amazing day, they capture every minute of your happy day. You both put so much effort and thought into your special day, hope you have many more happy years ahead of you. Have a fab honeymoon hope to see you soon xx.

Jackie Hancock - 26 Jun ’12 - 21:57

Love the photos…what a stunning couple and a beautiful wedding…shame we did not get to meet up with Brian and meet Louise when we were over from NZ earlier this month…many blessings guys XxXx

Howard Lucas - 29 Jun ’12 - 15:51

What a day, looks like a lot of fun. Excellent documentary work and fabulous portraits. Loving the first dance silhouette too!

Tom Astley - 29 Jun ’12 - 18:51

Absolutely fantabulous story telling David. Your style compliments everything good about a wedding day. your customers will be thrilled!

Darragh Casey - 2 Jul ’12 - 20:16

Lovely images David – great emotions through the photo’s, you can tell it was a great day

Noelle - 26 Oct ’12 - 20:13

What gorgeous photos!

Testosterone Online Order

Testosterone Online India

Last week I was lucky enough to be the Great Fosters weddings photographer for Louise and Chris.  The wedding ceremony was due to take place outside and would have been my first outside ceremony, but alas the heavens opened yet again and the rain was torrential by the time I got there. On the flip side […]

Testosterone Online Canada

Rob Dunning - 19 Jun ’12 - 17:47

An amazing set of photos Dave … I love the one of ‘mum’ opening the champers, and it felt like I was there looking at the speeches.

Louise & Chris must be ecstatic with them.

greg thurtle - 19 Jun ’12 - 17:58

Great photos Dave – lovely details – the shoes one the window with the light streaming in is ace! Nice job!

Matt Fryer - 19 Jun ’12 - 21:39

Lovely set of of images mate, loving the second last last shot, nice moment captured well. Cracking looking venue too.

Clare West - 20 Jun ’12 - 02:35

Great photos 🙂 really love the two black and white shots with the cake in at the end.

Jon Saunders - 24 Jun ’12 - 17:52

Lost for words and stunned!! David, these photos show you to be the genius that you are with a camera in your hand. I’m blown away *again*. Awe-inspiring is the right word.