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My penultimate wedding of 2012 saw me back in Egham as Liz and Chris’ Great Fosters wedding photographer.  It was a pretty cold winter’s day but the sun shone and it was a far cry from the torrential rain we’d had during the previous few days.  This wedding was booked just over a year ago […]

Buying Testosterone Cream Online

Kelly Walkington - 4 Dec ’12 - 03:05

A great photographer makes all the difference 🙂 We have spaklers for our wedding. DAMN YOU! Guess we’ll need to do something different now eh? xxx

Pat Radley - 4 Dec ’12 - 09:26

David What a truly fabulous job you have done, the photos are fantastic, I can feel the emotion all over again, bless you xxxxxx.

Lesley Brown - 4 Dec ’12 - 20:49

Really lovely photos David,, a true professional xx.

Debra Batchelor - 4 Dec ’12 - 23:46

I am glad you had wonderful day and I love the photos xxxxxx.

Cheap Testosterone Injections

Cheap Testosterone Supplements

Last weekend I made the trip over to Wimbledon as the Cannizaro House wedding photographer for Helen and Phil.  Although not quite a winter wedding, you’d have been forgiven for thinking we’d bypassed autumn as the temperature dropped to something a lot lower than I’ve been used to recently, and the wind provided some bitterly […]

Cheapest Testosterone Gel

Tom Astley - 31 Oct ’12 - 18:52

Wow! I love the story you have brought David, capturing a fantastic set of photos and the shot of the groom and his friend outside within the window pane is superb.

Cheapest Testosterone Therapy - 4 Nov ’12 - 13:46

Brilliant. Just Brilliant. I love the picture of the little baby in the carrier as well as the groom greeting the guest in the church.

Chris Costello - 7 Nov ’12 - 07:22

amazing set of images, the little boy in the church.. great shot.

Cheapest Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Cheapest Testosterone Treatment

The final wedding of my manic ‘summer’ saw me travel down to Farnham in Hampshire to be Imogen and Luke’s Cain Manor wedding photographer, which is a part of the Bijou hotels chain.  I was looking forward to this one as Cain Manor was a new venue to me and I wasn’t disappointed, it proved […]

Cheapest Testosterone Cypionate

greg thurtle - 2 Oct ’12 - 13:16

Love Cain Manor – great shots of everyone having fun – love the bride and groom dancing – great expression! Well done!

York Place Studios - 2 Oct ’12 - 13:19

Really like the atmosphere of this wedding. Great storytelling.

Sara Moseley - 2 Oct ’12 - 13:57

Lovely set – and I just adore the last shot – so atmospheric!

Stuart Reid - 2 Oct ’12 - 14:51

Lovely set of images Dave, lasers too! Great work.

Richard Martin - 12 Oct ’12 - 14:19

Nice work it has to be said!

Rob Dunning - 17 Oct ’12 - 00:44

Imogen & Luke must be overwhelmed with so many emotions captured and perfectly framed natural moments recorded of their special day. Brilliant photography.

Clarec - 26 Oct ’12 - 09:29

I love the light airy feel to all these images and the documentary nature of all the detail shots. Very beautiful set of images!

Iain Gomes - 8 Nov ’12 - 14:54

Love the shot of the bride as she walks into the reception room… lovely mono conversion and the moment has been caught perfectly.

Cheapest Testosterone Medication

Cheapest Testosterone Enanthate

As a wedding photographer I always think it’s important not just to keep your clients happy but to look at how you’re perceived by others within the industry and to try to better yourself in whatever way possible.  I recently decided to try and obtain my ‘Licentiate’ with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Professionals […]

Buy Testosterone Internet

Richard Martin - 12 Oct ’12 - 14:23

Many congratulations on the ‘L’. I am thinking of going for this myself, so am really pleased to see your panel. Well done!

Order Testosterone Cypionate

Order Testosterone Enanthate

Last week we had an English bride and an Australian groom, this week we have an Australian bride and and an English groom for this Norton Park wedding photography and once again we had some fantastic weather to go with it. Sheree was getting ready in the Manor House and my day started just before the […]

Order Testosterone Injections

Karen Spooner - 14 Sep ’12 - 17:52

Stunning photos – many many congrats!

Purchasing Testosterone Cypionate

Purchasing Testosterone Enanthate

Another day of sunshine greeted me as the Woodlands Park Hotel wedding photographer for Katherine and Toby. Our paths first crossed last year as the couple were guests at a wedding I did at Glenmore House in Surbiton, so I saw a few familiar faces at this wedding. The day started in the master bedroom for […]

Purchasing Testosterone Gel

Ewa Gillett - 8 Sep ’12 - 22:24

Great pictures guys!

Testosterone India Buy

Testosterone Online

Taylors Farm weddings venue was the location for Lucia and Adam’s wedding and I was lucky enough to be their photographer. Emus, Llamas, horse and cart with a pumpkin carriage (not theirs…), finding out what Scotsmen wear under their kilts – this wedding was different from the norm and was great fun. The day started […]

Testosterone Online Prescription

Christine Durnall - 12 Sep ’12 - 23:39

awesome pictures Lu! Congrats to you both, love all at EFM Australia xx.

Anca Ghiurluc - 13 Oct ’13 - 11:58